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Chocolate & Confectionary

Chocolate & Confectionary

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EPISODE 6 Chocolate & Confectionary

The aroma and creamy texture of chocolate gave it the name, 'food of the Gods'. A vast array of products can be made using it and Chef Patissier Alain Desgranges will guide you through the process of working with chocolate, enabling you to make the most delectable creations.

Running time:  2hrs 52mins

Chocolate & confectionary sample video

Video transcription

"The rolling and the making of Truffles. I’ve piped the Cointreau Ganache here and the Praline Ganache here. They take about two or three hours to set and when they set you roll them like this, I’ll do four. I’ll show you what to do and the same with the Praline. This is the traditional way of making French Truffles and I tell you, over the years I have seen some really unbelievable ways of making Truffles, which I did not approve of at all. The Cointreau as a rule are always dipped into coco powder. You get your Truffle, I will do Cointreau first, you get your Truffle you put it in the chocolate, chocolate should always be between 32 and 33 degrees, you put t in the cocoa, I will do the four and I’ll do the rest later. One, two can the camera see that, three, four and what people do is roll that into the cocoa. You may do about 5 or 10 in a row then it is always good to have someone working next to you and you roll them like that and they look almost like the real Truffles, you get a fork and..."

Chocolate & confectionary recipes

In this instructional video you will learn to make the following:

  • Introduction & Tempering of Chocolate (17:38)
  • Tools of the Trade & Testing the Chocolate (10:10)
  • Moulding & Scraping Moulds (6:50)
  • Cutting & Garnishing Mould (15:09)
  • Chocolate Tuiles (7:56)
  • Coating Florentine & Ganache (5:42)
  • Ganache (2:51)
  • Ganache Cointreau (4:55)
  • Ganache Praliné (4:18)
  • Glacé Confit Fruit & Fondant (6:35)
  • Fondant (6:19)
  • Praliné (16:45)
  • Marzipan for Confectionary (4:34)
  • Nougat de Montélimar (10:00)
  • Nougat Parisien (17:19)
  • Rolling Ganache into Truffles (6:05)
  • Rustic Chocolate (11:07)
  • Copeau Chocolate Curls(1:33)
  • Final Presentation (6:40)

Chocolate & confectionary products made

  • Chocolate Cups
  • Chocolate Praliné Tuiles
  • Chocolate Tuiles
  • Marzipan Logs
  • Praliné Tuiles
  • Truffles
  • Glace and Confit Fruit "Glacé Fruits Confit"
  • Fondant
  • Ganache
  • Ganache Cointreau
  • Ganache Praliné
  • Marzipan
  • Nougat de Montélimar
  • Nougat Parisien
  • Praliné
  • Rustic Chocolate
  • Copeaux Chocolate

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