Learn the fine art of French Patisserie

French Apprentice is an 8-part masterclass from renown French Australian pastry chef Alain Desgranges, teaching you the fine art of French Patisserie.

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Make a traditional French Chocolate Mousse!

With this FREE lesson, Chef Patissier Alain Desgranges teaches you not just the recipe for the perfect mousse, but the exact techniques needed to make your French chocolate mousse consistent, light and fluffy.

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  • "Alain Desgranges is a great master Patissier. I have got the whole series in my library and I recommend it to all who love making cakes, desserts, chocolates and patisseries."

    Chef Gabriel Gaté
    Taste Le Tour | SBS Australia

  • "Watching Alain’s series inspired me to want to create desserts and I would encourage my apprentices to watch and learn from Alain’s series."

    Chef Luke Nguyen
    Luke Nguyen's Vietnam | SBS Australia