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Creams & Sauces

Creams & Sauces

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EPISODE 3 Creams & Sauces

Creams and Sauces is the complete guide to finishing traditional desserts with finesse. Learn how to add this fine touch to enhance the flavours of each specific dessert.

Running time:  1hr 40mins

Creams & sauces sample video

Video transcription

"Now I am going to make Creme Patissiere is a mother cream, it is one of the most popular creams in French Patisserie and it is made out of milk, egg, sugar and flour that’s it. The recipe varies wherever you work they have there own recipe but the techniques remains the same. To make Creme Patissiere I need a stainless steel bowl, I put half the milk in, I’ve got half a litre, I put half the sugar with the milk and the rest of the sugar into a bowl. I’ve got 100 grams of sugar, 50/50 2 eggs I stir that up. When you have the eggs on sugar always stir fairly quickly, otherwise the sugar can crystallise the eggs."

Creams & sauces recipes

In this instructional video you will learn to make the following:

  • Almond Cream (4:51)
  • Apple Compote (3:49)
  • Butter Cream (13:13)
  • Caramel, Ginger & Coffee Sauces (5:36)
  • Chantilly Cream (3:44)
  • Chiboust Cream (11:44)
  • Crème Anglaise (5:24)
  • Crème Pâtissière (3:27)
  • Fondant (6:19)
  • Fruit Coulis & Stock Syrup (4:14)
  • Ganache (2:50)
  • Honey Sauce (2:01)
  • Lemon Cream (4:45)
  • Mousseline Cream (6:34)
  • Praliné (16:45)
  • Sabayon Cream (3:05)
  • Final Presentation (1:46)

Creams & sauces products made

  • Creme Anglaise "Crème Anglaise"
  • Butter Cream "Crème au Beurre"
  • Caramel Sauce "Sauce Caramel"
  • Chantilly Cream "Crème Chantilly"
  • Chibouste Cream "Crème Chiboust"
  • Fruit Syrup "Fruit Coulis"
  • Almond Cream "Crème D"Amande"
  • Honey Sauce "Sauce au Miel"
  • Ganache / Chocolate Sauce "Sauce Ganache"
  • Mousseline Cream "Crème Mousseline"
  • Pastry Cream "Crème Pâtissière"
  • Lemon Cream
  • Ginger Sauce
  • Coffee Sauce
  • Sabayon Cream
  • Fondant
  • Praline
  • Caramel
  • Stewed Apple "Compote de Pomme"

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