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Biscuits Traditionnels

Biscuits Traditionnels

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EPISODE 2 Biscuits Traditionnels

From the home kitchen to the shop window, French biscuits are a hallmark of the French culture. From the art of macarons, to the craftmanship of florentines, Alain will guide you through the traditional techniques in biscuit making.

Running time:  2hrs 33mins

Biscuits traditionnels sample video

Video transcription

"Now in France almost every Patissier makes Sables or Shortbread and they all have their little special recipe and most of them will have sables maison, which means shortbread from the house. I am going to make a recipe, which is a standard shortbread recipe. There is one part sugar, two parts butter, three parts flour, plain flour. I’ve got 50 grams, 100 grams and 150 grams. I will mix them using a mixer, I put the butter first then the icing sugar and then the flour and all of these ingredients mixed will give me a certain consistency."

Biscuits traditionnels recipes

In this instructional video you will learn to make the following:

  • Biscuit Cuillère (Sponge Finger) (11:33)
  • Biscuit Joconde (08:32)
  • Cigarette (17:17)
  • Florentine (8:44)
  • Fours aux Amandes (5:37)
  • Friand aux Amandes (8:29)
  • Langue de Chat & Palet de Dame (5:02)
  • Macaron (10:33)
  • Macaron (traditional) (5:11)
  • Méringue (15:21)
  • Progrès / Succès (11:13)
  • Shortbread (7:55)
  • Sponge (5:30)
  • Tuiles aux Amandes (7:33)
  • Tuiles Dentelles à l’Orange (6:54)
  • Viennese Biscuit (9:32)
  • Almond Cream For Progrès (4:51)
  • Final Presentation (03:05)

Biscuits traditionnels products made

  • Almond Cream "Crème D'Amande"
  • Baton Marechaux "Bâton Maréchaux"
  • Biarritz "Biarritz"
  • Champagne Biscuit Biscuit Cuillère
  • Meringue Mushroom Champignon
  • Cigarettes "Cigarettes"
  • Eponge "Eponge"
  • Florentine "Florentine"
  • Almond Biscuit "Four aux Amandes"
  • Almond Friands "Friand aux Amandes"
  • Sponge "Genoise"
  • Joconde Biscuit "Biscuit Joconde"
  • Cat's Tongue & Palet de Dame "Langue de Chat & Palet de Dame"
  • Traditional Macaroon "Macaron Traditionel"
  • Macaroon "Macaron Lisse"
  • Meringue "Méringue"
  • Penguin Meringue "Pingouin,
  • Shell Meringue Coquille Meringe
  • Progres & Succes "Progrès & Succès"
  • Shortbread "Sablé"
  • Viennese Shortbread "Sablé Dressé"
  • Almond Tiles "Tuiles aux Amandes"
  • Lacy Tiles "Tuiles Dentelles"
  • Vacherin Meringue Basket "Vacherin"

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