About French Apprentice

The masterclass

Bonjour, Bienvenue and welcome to French Apprentice, a complete apprenticeship in French Patisserie. (Minus the polishing of copper pots and scolding by the 'patron'.) In fact it is to these 'patrons' that I owe my skills and like them, the desire to pass them on.

In this series you will see that (unlike domestic cake making) French Patisserie is a series of BUILDING BLOCKS.

Its artistic and delectable realisation lies in these 3 key features.

  • Mastering the basic recipes
  • Acquiring the handling techniques
  • Artistically assembling and garnishing your product.

Therefore the series of 8 DVD’s contains:

  • Patient and detailed demonstration of a multitude of techniques
  • 105 products
  • The 43 basic recipes for these products
  • Demonstration of assembly and garnishing of the products
  • A total of 16.5 hours of instruction.

My 'patron' used to say to me, a dozen times a day 'REGARDE PETIT!'

Well, I spent 7 minutes a day for 2 years watching how the croissant dough mixed in the mixer. I watched as he mixed and folded the genoese sponge, right up until the last 2 weeks of my apprenticeship when he finally allowed me to do it. And I did….perfectly!

“Qui voit faire, veut faire.” (Who sees, learns.)

Especially in Patisserie.

Amusez-vous bien!


The Chef Patissier

Chef Patissier Alain Desgranges

Alain Desgranges began his Patisserie apprenticeship at the age of 14 in Normandy, France. After completing his apprenticeship, he worked at Coquelin, the most prestigious Patisserie in Paris. In 1970, he emigrated to Australia and opened the first Patisserie in the city of Melbourne. Alain also spent 14 years as a highly respected Chef Patissier at a culinary school in Melbourne.

With his expertise as a chef and experience as a teacher, Alain believes it is time to pass on his knowledge to professionals and all passionate food lovers.