Welcome to French Apprentice

Bonjour, Bienvenue and welcome to French Apprentice, a complete apprenticeship in French Patisserie. (Minus the polishing of copper pots and scolding by the 'patron'.) In fact it is to these 'patrons' that I owe my skills and like them, the desire to pass them on.

In this series you will see that (unlike domestic cake making) French Patisserie is a series of BUILDING BLOCKS.

Its artistic and delectable realisation lies in these 3 key features.

  • Mastering the basic recipes
  • Acquiring the handling techniques
  • Artistically assembling and garnishing your product.

Therefore the series of 8 DVD’s contains:

  • Patient and detailed demonstration of a multitude of techniques
  • 105 products
  • The 43 basic recipes for these products
  • Demonstration of assembly and garnishing of the products
  • A total of 16.5 hours of instruction.

My 'patron' used to say to me, a dozen times a day 'REGARDE PETIT!'

Well, I spent 7 minutes a day for 2 years watching how the croissant dough mixed in the mixer. I watched as he mixed and folded the genoese sponge, right up until the last 2 weeks of my apprenticeship when he finally allowed me to do it. And I did….perfectly!

“Qui voit faire, veut faire.” (Who sees, learns.)

Especially in Patisserie.

Amusez-vous bien!

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