What people and customers are saying about Alain and the French Apprentice masterclass collection...

"Alain Desgranges is a great master Patissier. In his DVDs he humbly shares his extraordinary knowledge of a life time of practice and teaching. I have learned so many little techniques from him. I have got the whole series in my library and I recommend it to all who love making cakes ,desserts, chocolates and patisseries. Bravo Alain"

Chef Gabriel Gaté
French Chef with an international reputation as a cookery author, cookery teacher and television presenter of the SBS cooking program 'Taste Le Tour'.

"Watching Alain’s series inspired me to want to create desserts and I would encourage my apprentices to watch and learn from Alain’s series."

Chef Luke Nguyen
Culinary book author, Master Chef guest and television presenter of the SBS cooking program  'Luke Nguyen's Vietnam'.

"I just finished watching his cakes DVD...amazing and entertaining! How wonderful of him to share this knowledge & techniques for such a reasonable price. Please pass my regards on to him if able, thank you."

Brisbane, Australia

"Alain Desgranges' French Apprentice series has helped me fine tune my dessert making skills, teaching me techniques and tricks of the trade that otherwise would not have been possible. I now know how to make the perfect choux pastry and how to fill it with traditional French crème patissiere"

Debra Stokes
An at-home baking enthusiast
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Alain,
Thanks so much for a very professional & informative two night demonstration in Ingham with Jo from Green Jelly. What a night! Even to just be there watching you work was worth the money - it felt as if I was privileged to be in the kitchen of a master patissier watching him  work, and where could I get such an experience as that anywhere in the world.

I love cooking & I thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch you & have that love of cooking reinforced! Have fun catching barra & enjoying our way of life before you return to the rat race of the city life.... once again, Merci beaucoups, monsieur - the limit of my schooldays French!!! Thanks so much & continue doing what you're good at!!

An attendee at Alain's demonstration in Queensland
Queensland, Australia

Dear Francine,
Watched Alain's Large & Small Cakes video last night. Absolutely love it. Very impressive. Cannot wait to see from episode one. I am a very average cake maker, probably made 10 in my life, perhaps one turned out.

The video is inspiring and hopefully, eventually I will be able to produce a descent cake. I was impressed with the way Alain conducted himself, as unlike many TV chefs who waffle, get side tracked and often miss an ingredient or use an ingredient that is impossible to obtain. My only negative towards Alain's cakes is that I am trying to lose weight, and temptation for cake has now re-surfaced.

Don Avery
The Australasian Baker Magazine Editor

The French Apprentice DVD collection has truly inspired me to pursue my interest in cooking. I bought the Collection mostly because I was interested in learning how to make French pastries such as choux and puff pastries but I soon realised that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

The DVDs contain instruction for a whole array of traditional French cakes, biscuits, tarts and sweets. Each cooking demonstration is beautifully filmed and clearly illustrates each step in the process.

The style is conversational, easy to follow and Alain is a delight to listen to. For me a valuable part of owning the DVD set is being able to study Alain's technique in preparing his pastries and the presentation of his cakes and tarts. I have been very excited with what I have been able to produce. I highly recommend this DVD series to anyone interested in French patisserie either with a view to making their own for family and friends or simply to learn how those fabulous French cakes and pastries are created.

Dave & Karen
Brisbane, Australia

J’aime les recettes simples et efficaces de French apprenti. Les proportions sont bonnes, les explications du Chef Alain Desgranges. Sont faciles à comprendre et nous adorons son accent frenchy!!!

Catherine Grange
Rugles, France

I love cooking and I love the DVD Series. Alain has taught me many new techniques that I now use in my home kitchen.

The recipes have are quite easy to follow and Alain, along with his quirky sense of humour guides you through the process of making traditional French delights. It’s a yes from me!

Jane Petersen
Townsville, QLD